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Marika Onufrijchuk Sokulski

MARIKA ONUFRIJCHUK, a graduate of the University of Manitoba (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education), has been both teacher and student of the arts. Working with selective water-based paints, she creates and interprets the flora and fauna of nature using diminutive strokes of the brush, somewhat akin to, yet different from the impressionist artists. Her palette though uses an extremely wide range of colours - the result of which yields a texturous surface to the viewer. An active member of the Manitoba Society of Artists, she has been represented by the Winnipeg Art Gallery Rentals, the Art Collector's Club and Leonard Marcoe Gallery. Marika has won awards and received commissions for her work, She has exhibited her paintings in solo, group and juried exhibitions and galleries throughout Canada Her paintings can be found in the Manitoba Arts Council, the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre and the National Museum of Liev, Ukraine. Her work can also be found in private collections in Canada, Seattle, New York, Belgium and New Zealand. Marika resides in Winnipeg and is a member of the Medea Gallery.

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Bison on the Prairies, watercolour and gouache, $100

Cat, watercolour and gouache, $120

Lake Winnipeg, watercolour and gouache, $120

Lily, watercolour and gouache, $125

Summer Bouquet, watercolour and gouache, $200

White Lily, watercolour and gouache, $150

Trees on Lawndale, 10"x14, Watercolour $350

Lyndale Park, 13"x20.5", gouache, $650

Lake Winnipeg, 10"x14, Watercolour $350

Three Fish, 10"x14", Watercolour $300

Lake Winnipeg, 10"x14, Watercolour $350

Mishka, 12"x24", Watercolour $195

Les Fleurs, 10"x15", Watercolour $350

Snapdragons, 10"x15", Watercolour $300

Kildonan Park, mixed media,11" x 8", $180

Daffodils, 7"x 5", mixed media, $75

Sunrise on the Red, watercolour, 11" x 8", $160


Trees at Lyndale Park, watercolour, $170