Special Events and Projects


Our Culture Days events included a group painting execrise. Click here to see how that went.

The Medea artists moved out of of 132 Osborne Street on October 31. 2013. The move was preceded by a last supper at that location.
Plans are in progress to re-open at a new venue and spirits are high. Photos by Debbie Lawson.

Our fund raining lunch "Pasta, Present and Future" at the Mona Lisa Restaurant was a huge success. Funds raised there through the sale of tickets and the silent auction will go a long way toward ensuring that the Medea Galley Artists' Co-op continues. Many thanks to all who participated. Photos shown here are by Sonja Strauss.

"2 Characters" opening reception, September 15, 2013

Many interested characters visited the gallery to see George Tanner's exhibition of paintings from an ongoing series that featurers two mysterious charcters in various settings and situations. Photos shown here are by the lovely and talented Judith St.Germain.

Canada Day Weekend

It was a hot and sunny Canada Day weekend in Osborne Village this year. Canada'a "Best Neighborhood" put on a street festival which was enjoyed by thousands. Artists at the Medea Gallery participated with painting and sculpting demonstrations in the gallery and out in the street. Nearly three hundred people visited the gallery on Monday alone. Medea atists John Smeulders and Ralph Tanchak were on the street doing custom portraits and caricatures repectively. Photos shown here are by Judith St.Germain.

Culture Days Weekend - September 28, 29 and 30

The Medea Gallery hosted four events during the weekend to mark national Culture Days. The first, a multi-media concert performance by was on Friday night. The trio MoscoWinnipeg presented a thought provoking artistic happening for those in the audience. It also captured the attention of pedestrians passing by in the background. Video of the concert can be viewed here:

PART 1 and PART 2

The photos of the concert shown here were provided by Gaune Studios Photography.

For further information on MoscoWinnipeg visit; www.moscowinnipeg.com

On Saturday, well known artist and teacher, Bill Shoup demonstrated the techniques of making clay sculpture. Visitors to the gallery watched closely but none could be persuaded to try for themselves. Maybe next year.

Also on Saturday, the gallery presented a co-operative painting event called "Make Your Mark on Art". We had better luck with audience participation here. In fact, a number of people visited the gallery that day specifically to Make Their Mark. The reuslts were interesting.

Photos of Bill's clay sculpture demo and the "Make Your Mark" event were provided by Gaune Studios Photography.